A Message from our President
Hanshi Marvin Carmona


I trust that this email finds all of you and your families in good health as we are on the cusp on yet another Christmas.  As we say goodbye to 2021, I can’t help to take a look back at what we all accomplished this year in light of the very difficult set of circumstances. To date, in 2021 we have accomplished the following:


  1. NJ Martial Arts Academy “Road to Recovery tournament “ in May

  2. Ralph Cherico Memorial tournament in June

  3. Tri-state Golden Rule Karate Championships in July

  4. Phoenix Martial Arts Quarterly Seminar in November

  5. American Isshinryu Holiday Gathering in December

  6. Safe Student Initiative Certifications - (over 100 people have completed these evaluations so far!)


We are successfully building our national team of State representatives.  I am pleased to welcome the following members:  


Frank Black NY, Bob Kristensen TX, Ronnie Cimmorose DE, John Myers OH, Rae Manela MI, Carlos Rodrigues.PR and of Course our dear Friend from Canada Albert Mady. We also have special advisor Phil Little from S. Carolina.


As an organization we must remain steadfast.  I would like to use the motto:

“ We will break-through in Twenty-Twenty-Two “.


We are fighters and we have a great deal to look forward to in the upcoming year. 


Please make note of the following dates for the AI meetings for next Year.

  • January 20, 2022

  • March 31, 2022

  • June 23, 2022

  • Sept 15, 2022

  • Dec 8th 2022 - (Holiday Gathering)


Please reserve the November 12, 2022 in anticipation of our hosting our “Day with the Masters”


Master Frank Black NY  ( Head of the Essence of Isshinryu ) is organizing a friendship Luncheon to be hosted in Long Island.  Date to be determined.


The Point Circuit committee is working on building a list of events for the 2022 year.  It’s not looking too promising for indoor tournaments over the next several months but we are looking forward to our outdoor venues for all events.  As of now, NJ Martial Arts Academy is looking to host the Kickoff Tournament and Golden Rule will be hosting another not-to-be-missed event in July.  More information will follow.


We are super excited to be working on our 1St Annual Fun Run.  Master Dell Norris and Renshi James Thaxton are diligently working on the details. We look forward to a ton of fun activities on that day and can even hold mini (non-karate) competitions like corn hole. Each dojo can put forth a team or two (two-man teams) and challenge dojo against dojo. 


We can charge a nominal fee to replenish our coffers. NJ Martial Arts Academy has 30 or so Nerf guns and would be more than happy to host a Team Nerf competition. Or, even Dodgeball. I know I'm just throwing ideas out there. Let’s get creative and have a positive attitude. 


“We will breakthrough in 2022”


Our survey is being circulated and we have received a surprising number of requests to host a Virtual Round Table or two with a specific topic - something like Ask the Masters or a historical slice in time.  Food for thought. Please reach out to Renshi Carmona if you are interested in being part of a panel.


Last, the responses to our survey are pouring in.  If you have not had a chance to complete the survey, here is the link;



Thank you everyone and please have a safe and Happy Holiday -


Marvin Carmona


American Isshinryu


"Building a bright future by honoring lineage and achieving, together"