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Individual Lifetime Members

In an effort to promote and grow martial arts, American Isshinryu is proud to introduce reward-point program designed to recognize those who invest time and effort into competition, and growing their skill and knowledge. Any AI Lifetime Member is eligible to earn points. To register your American Isshinryu event points click on the link located on this page. Complete the form and submit. 


Annual Active Dojo Members

Annual (active/paid) dojo members are given the opportunity to include their tournament and/or seminar in the reward-point program as an added benefit of their membership in American Isshinryu.  They receive marketing & promotion of their event and offer a $5 discount to all American Isshinryu Lifetime Members. In addition, each Active Dojo will be eligible for recognition for their students/competitors participation with Total TEAM Points!

2023Tournament Circuit Points


  • 5 points for each division entered (where no placing was earned)

  • 30 points for each first place

  • 20 points for each second place

  • 10 points for each third place 

  • 15 points for each individual seminar attended


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