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The Mission
We are dedicated to the advancement and teachings of Isshinryu Karate through educational service, and to the inclusion and edification of all martial arts communities while preserving the legacy of Grand Master Don Nagle.
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American Isshinryu Board Meeting

Board Meeting                               

06-27-2024  7:00pm - 7:45pm            

Open Forum Meeting                         

06-27-2024  7:45pm - 9:00pm            

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IPC Safe Student 


2024 Calendar



Building a bright future by honoring lineage and achieving together

Impacting Isshinryu For Today and Tomorrow

Lifetime Membership,
Lifetime Benefits


gain greater opportunities to network and train with other practitioners of Isshinryu through seminars and other events regardless of their age, rank, or skill level.  American Isshinryu is about blending a wide variety of backgrounds, affiliations, organizations and training to experience a larger part of Isshinryu family.  We enhance, expand and compliment the individual's commitment to Isshinryu. We are the tomorrow of Isshinryu for all.


Annual Dojo
Membership Benefits

School Owners...

can share thoughts, ideas and learn from each other's successes.  Promote seminars, tournaments and events being hosted by your school. Enjoy the fellowship of like-minded practitioners from the smallest, most traditional school to the larger, eclectic facilities.    Have your event become part of the American Isshinryu Point Challenge to increase your event's energy and excitement.

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